Tis the season for pat downs and travel headaches!

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with traveling over the holiday season. We can’t wait to get to our destinations, but we have to go through the not-so-fun process of traveling.

For seasoned business travelers, you will surly be bogged down by the occasional travel this holiday season. But don’t fret, we have compiled a list of what you can expect and how you can prepare for travel this holiday season:

Packed Planes: Many airlines have cut back on travel making each plane more maxed than usual. 3.5% more people are flying this year than last year and planes are expected to be 90% full.

Busy Airports: More than 90,000 travelers are flying the “friendly” skies this Thanksgiving season, with the heaviest day the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Stuffed Overhead Bins: With the new-ish luggage fees, expect more people packing light and bringing carry ons. If anyone does Black Friday shopping during their trips, expect even more packed overhead bins on the way home.

Long Security Lines: Excess carry ons and stronger security (ie, pat downs and scans) will make security lines extra line this flying season. Also, new ID rules may slow things up a bit because TSA now requires airlines and booking websites to provide a passenger’s full name, birth date and gender at the time of booking.

What you can do about it:

  • Be patient. Why worry about what you can’t control? Bring your iPod and plenty of magazines.
  • Bring snacks. If you get stuck in security for an hour or your plane is delayed, you’ll need to bring in the [sugary] reinforcements.
  • Prepare kids. Extra security may make kids uncomfortable. Let them know ahead of time what to expect so there are no surprises and meltdowns.
  • Pack lightly and follow all liquid rules. Be as respectful as possible to other travelers by packing efficiently with your liquids in arm’s reach for quick scanning.

Carol Pucci of The Seattle Times inspired this blog post with her article titled, “Packed Planes, Pat-downs. It’s Holiday Travel Season.” Her wonderful article offers much more detail on what travelers can expect this holiday season.

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