What Your Landlord Doesn’t Tell You Might Hurt You

SmartMoney.com came out with an article yesterday titled, 10 Things Your Landlord Won’t Tell You.

One of the key problems featured in the article deals with property management companies. Sometimes landlords cut corners and hire inexperienced or incompetent property managers who don’t have the systems in place to handle emergencies or even quick fixes.

Tenants can protect themselves by interviewing a property management company and asking tough questions like how they handle service calls, specific emergencies and general maintenance issues. Make sure you get the answers you want before hiring them! You don’t want them learning on the job with you!

For pervasive issues that go unsolved by the management company, Kimberly Smith of CHBO advises you contact the landlord directly – and you can find out the owner’s name easily with a quick search of public records. Sometimes the landlords don’t even know about the issues at hand.

What other things aren’t landlords telling their tenants? Read more online

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