Attitude Adjustment Can Make Business Travel More Bearable

Many business travelers are home this week, spending time with their families and enjoying a travel-less lifestyle for a few days. But once 2011 comes, those travelers are likely to hit the road once again.

If your 2011 promises (for better or worse) to bring about much business travel, here are some ways to make it a more positive and bearable experience:

Research Your Destination: Even if you’re traveling to a small town, there are treasures throughout America to see. Spend some time researching the town you’ll be staying in and soaking in the local color. Sightsee in your free time and enjoy where life has taken you.

Avoid Chain Restaurants: Whenever I travel, I try to avoid eating at chain restaurants that I can find back home. As possible, I try to eat the local cuisine, even if that means eating at a “dive” or two.

Get a Home Away from Home: If you’re traveling for an extended period of time, rent out a corporate apartment. Chances are you’ll be happier living in an actual house or condo vs. a bleak hotel room.

Enjoy the Down Time: While you may miss your family, very few people get long periods of “me-time.” Use that time between work wisely by writing a book, catching up on reading or even pursuing a hobby you always dreamed of.

Your business travel adventures can be positive with the right mindset and planning. Bon Voyage in 2011!

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