A New Website/Tool for the DIY Landlord!

Do you need help eliminating specific tenant problems or are you seeking the right resources to obtain key rental forms? We’ve come across a great site – the Landlord Protection Agency (LPA). LPA provides everything you need to manage your property safely and effectively through a variety of essential forms and services.

The LPA site gives you access to quality advice from real estate experts and successful landlords. A unique tool that property managers shouldn’t be without is the Lease Obligations Reminder Letter, also available on the site. It’s an effective form for LPA members that allows the landlord to enforce the terms of the lease by politely bringing the tenant’s attention to certain items and covenants in the lease agreement that may have been overlooked or forgotten about.

Although the free services offered from LPA are all valuable resources for any landlord, LPA memberships are also available for access to credit reports, tenant screenings and free rental advertisements.

We are always happy to share “do it yourself landlord” tips with our members so you can more productively manage your property!

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