Job Hunting in the New Year: Use Your Social Media.

With unemployment still at an all time high, many Americans are willing to do whatever it takes to get a job… even move! While many Americans didn’t want to move and go through the pain of selling their homes, many are no longer letting their home be the obstacle to hold them back.

If you’re serious about moving to another state for a job, Dan Klamm, the marketing coordinator at Syracuse University Career Services, wrote a great article about how to use social media accounts to get an out-of-state job.

He says it’s important that potential employers know you’re serious about moving and he recommends:

  • Keep up on local news and trends in the state you’d like to live in so you don’t seem like an outsider during interviews. You can sign up to see news updates from most major newspapers in the U.S.;
  • Use Facebook and LinkedIn to grow your professional network and “friends” in those states;
  • Monitor networks, like LinkedIn, for job postings. Social networking is where many jobs start!;
  • State in your LinkedIn profile’s headline that you are moving to XX state by XX date – this shows you mean business!

One more tip of our own is to consider temporarily relocating to the state you want to live in – this way you are there to network and interview in-person but you haven’t completely moved. You can use a service like Second Porch to see if anyone in your social networks (called “friend sourcing”) has a vacation or corporate rental you can stay in.

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