Spring Clean Your Rental Property’s Garage.

Now that old man winter is coming to an end, it’s time to think about some spring cleaning activities you should take care of in your furnished rental property. One of them is cleaning out the garage.

During the winter months, your home’s garage collects all sorts of gunk including salt, mud and whatever nasty stuff cities are using these days to de-ice the winter roads.

A good way to clean our your garage without spending a lot of money is to do it yourself – which can be easy since your rental property doesn’t use its garage space for storage and junk collections (like we tend to do in our everyday homes).

Here are some spring garage cleaning tips you can easily do in an afternoon’s worth of work to ensure your rental property’s garage is in tip top shape for the warm summer months ahead:

Sweep the Floor. The best way to get rid of sand and salt build up is to give the floor a good sweep. Get a good broom with long bristles to help get in the cracks and crevices.

Cobwebs be Gone. Check the corners (high and low) for cobwebs and make sure you sweep them out before it becomes a bigger problem.

Look for Ants and other Rodent Issues. If you see ants collecting, consider hiring an exterminator to come out and take care of it. You do not want to depend on renters to take care of regular ant maintenance. You’ll also want to call a professional if you see any rodent droppings, which are common in household garages as rodents scramble for warm shelters in the cold months. To prevent small animals from making their way into your garage, be sure to close off any small openings between your garage door and the floor – that is how they get in!

Hose the Garage – or Even Better, Pressure Wash It. Give the garage a good wet down to ensure all the dirt and grime is out. You can rent a pressure washer at Lowes or Home Depot and it will do the job in less time and much more effectively than your garden hose.

Rid of Oil Stains. Most oil stains rarely leave if left untreated. It seems like there are a million home remedies for getting rid of oil stains – too many to blog about. We like these tips from the DIY Network. Or talk to your local hardware store worker and s/he’ll give you an earful of ideas.

Every home – and garage – requires regular maintenance to ensure it is in pristine condition year round. A little garage maintenance now will make a world of difference for tenants who come in the summer and don’t want to see the winter grime.

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