Business Travel Can Make You Fat, Literally!

A study that came out on May 2, 2011 by Columbia University researches found that people who travel two weeks per month are fatter and in worse health than those that don’t travel.

Why is this?

Sedentary: People are more sedate when traveling. They may be traveling 80+ hours in a car or hours during a flight – this is time spent sitting and not moving.

Eating: Think about how you eat when you travel. You grab fast food that you can eat on the go, and if you stay in a hotel, you order in room service or eat out. Studies show that people who eat out consume more calories than those that regularly eat at home. Further, eating out more frequently is linked to obesity, higher body fat and higher BMI.

Activities: When traveling, you’re likely to forgo a regular exercise routine. You may feel fatigued from traveling and choose resting over working out. Or, you simply may not have access to a gym while on the road.

So how can someone stay healthy and still live a traveling lifestyle?

For one, bring snacks and lunch with you. As tempting as that fast food dive is, if you have a healthy lunch and plenty of healthy snacks with you during the travel days, you won’t be tempted to grab whatever is available the minute hunger strikes.

Two, consider staying in a corporate or furnished apartment rental vs. a hotel. In a corporate rental, you’ll have access to a full-sized kitchen, which enables you to prepare and eat meals in during your travels, helping you avoid heavy dine-out meals night after night.

Three, exercise regularly. Take walks around your place of stay or search for corporate rentals that have gym equipment or come with a gym membership. Also, there are many national fitness chains, like 24 Hour Fitness, that give you access to their clubs in Any Town, USA.

Remember, a few simple changes in how you eat, where you stay and how you approach fitness can keep you physically and mentally fit during your lengthy travels.

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