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Five Ideas on How to Market Your Property to Traveling Business Consultants

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Published Date: 2011-05-17

Getting in front of the traveling business crowd can make or break your corporate rental’s success, depending on your location. With business travel up, it's time to think about whether your rental is poised to capture this elite group of tenants. Here are some tips to getting the attention of traveling business professionals in your area. Go where the traveling consultants go. Traveling professionals may be using the Internet to find a hotel or property on their own – skipping the HR department altogether in their search for temporary housing. You want to advertise your property where they go. Use sites like Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO), Homeaway or Craigslist, places where they can easily find online and may use to search for a short-term rental property. Make connections. If there are good-sized companies located within a 5-10 mile radius of your property, look to make connections with HR professionals at that company. The HR professionals may consider accommodating their traveling workforce at your property because it’s so close to their place of business. Write with keywords. Make your listing on CHBO or other sites keyword optimized to traveling business consultants. To do this, name the companies in your area by name within the text of your listing. If someone has an assignment at that company but is not from the area, they may search for that company’s name on a rental site like CHBO to help them identify a place to stay. Accommodate to longer lengths of stay. Make your property a true home away from home by allowing for longer lengths of stay. Staying in a hotel for months upon month (which many traveling professionals do) can make someone feel lonely or worse than if they stayed in a furnished rental complete with all the creature comforts of home. Play up your home-like amenities to get potential tenants excited about staying with you for as long as they need to. Be flexible. Many business consultant assignments are volatile, which means they can suddenly end or they may need to be extended for a month or more at a time. Make your lease agreement terms flexible enough to make it attractive to the traveling business crowd. There are many ways to market your property to traveling business professionals. Doing so may help you identify high-quality tenants and long-term relationships with repeat users and corporations. Good luck!

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