How to Make Sure Your Pet Policy Was Obeyed?

We’ve written a lot in the past about allowing pets in your corporate rental and why you should, but not every property is “fit” to accommodate Fido. Some communities don’t allow pets at all, while other owners may not want pets in their units due to allergies or other reasons.

If you do not allow critters on the property, make a clear statement to your tenant that they are, under no circumstance, allowed to bring pets into your property. Not theirs, not others. Include this “no pet clause” in your lease agreement as well.

During checkout inspection, if you suspect a pet was in the unit, we recommend using a pet urine flashlight to test the carpets to ensure your no-pet policy was obeyed.

We have an owner who uses this product. It is a UV flashlight that can highlight dried pet pee stains on carpet. The light runs on two double-A batteries. The process can be a bit tedious. You have to be on your knees, comb the suspicious area with the flashlight going across the carpet slowly. Some spots are more apparent to the eye and if you shine this light on it, the stain will illuminate on the rug.

If you are ultra-strict on this no-pet policy due to a medical condition or other reasons, let your tenants know you have this pet pee-pee locator contraption and it will likely be all the deterrent they need to keep pets off your property.

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