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Moving Tips to Take the Hassle Out of Relocating: A Professional Organizer’s Top Eight Tips

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Published Date: 2011-05-20

Regardless of the size or distance of a residential relocation, careful planning, communication and organization is essential for a successful move. It’s best to let a professional moving company do your packing. Their packers are trained to do the job efficiently – and your household items will be insured by the company. Did you know that items labeled “packed by owner” (meaning anyone other than the mover) are not insured during the move? But when it’s time to unpack, plan to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself because when you pay movers to unpack, they don’t put anything away. They simply remove myriad items from the boxes – so everything you own ends up on all surfaces, including the floor. In the process of moving my own family 19 times and overseeing numerous clients’ relocations, I developed these helpful relocation tips: 1.       Create a moving notebook or folder so that all of the paperwork related to your move is in one place. Make notes, create a checklist, and keep receipts and documents. 2.       Create a moving calendar to track all aspects and tasks for the move. 3.       Do your research, or ask a professional organizer, about resources such as housekeepers who clean empty homes, carpet cleaners, reputable van lines and technology specialists. 4.       It’s time for The Great Give-Away. Why move things you no longer need or use?  Find another home for them with favorite charities, recycling centers, family members, and garage or estate sales. A professional organizer has available resources to assist with the process. Someone out there needs what you want to give away! 5.       Don’t forget the all-important “survival box” packed with your bed linens, coffee pot and other must-have items. This box should be last-on and first-off the moving van. 6.       Set aside cash for tipping the packers, loaders and driver. You want them to take good care of your belongings. 7.       After you and your belongings arrive at your new digs, the last thing you need is a backache. Use furniture moving pads to slide heavy furniture around – it’s a cinch and doesn’t scratch the flooring. 8.  Find friends, family, or a professional organizer to help unpack and put away.  You don’t want to live surrounded by boxes for weeks (and sometimes months). Get help and get your house in order quickly so you can carry on in your new home and with your new life. Putting the puzzle back together can be fun. These tried-and-true tips should make the relocation process a lot easier. Enjoy your new home! Guest post by Sally Allen, certified professional organizer, relocation specialist and CEO of Golden, Colo.-based A Place For Everything LLC

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