How to Live Like a Local on Your Next Business Trip

A great way to experience a new city as a business traveler is to book accommodations in a corporate rental instead of a hotel. Why?

First of all, hotels can be isolating for someone visiting a new city. A hotel feels like you’re a tourist and you’re holed up in a small hotel room alongside other transient guests.

However, staying in corporate housing allows business travelers to live like the locals do. From experiencing a new residential neighborhood and meeting people who live in the area to providing access to the creature comforts of home like a full sized kitchen and plush home furnishings – corporate rentals cannot be beat.

Second, staying in a corporate rental can help business travelers adjust to being in a different city faster.  This is because a corporate rental feels more like home than a stark and basic hotel room. Someone staying in corporate housing can live where locals live, shop where locals shop, and commute like locals commute.

Traveling for business is stressful enough, but with the creature comforts of home and an experience that resemble the local community, a corporate rental certainly has its perks over the basic hotel room – that’s for sure!

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