CHBO Member Alert: New Move In Now Feature to Replace Available Now

We have added a new feature, “Move In Now,” to label properties that are available for immediate occupancy on CHBO. If your property is available for immediate occupancy, simply select ‘yes’ to the question, “Is your property available for immediate occupancy?” when logged into your CHBO account. This new tool replaces the “Available Now” feature.
What is “Move In Now”?  

“Move In Now” properties get the royal treatment! CHBO will categorize your move-in ready listing in the search tool on the website to show your status as a “Move In Now” property. Potential renters in need of immediate occupancy will see the “Move In Now” icon in their search results and they also will be able to search properties that feature the “Move In Now” icon.

How It Works

When the “Move In Now” icon is checked, your listing will remain in this status for 72 hours and then it will automatically be reverted back to normal status. If your property is still available after 72 hours, you can repeat the above steps to activate the “Move In Now” feature. If your property needs to be removed from the “Move In Now” status before the end of the 72 hour period, please contact a CHBO Property Specialist to remove.

Why “Move In Now”?

CHBO created this feature to help drive more immediate traffic to properties that need a tenant immediately, helping potential tenants find the properties they need the moment they need them. In turn, it also helps CHBO landlords to find tenants the moment they need them too – a win-win for both parties.

Why Did “Available Now” Go Away?

Too often property owners left their property marked as “Available Now”, even if they had a tenant. It created a lot of confusion and added work. “Move In Now” automatically shuts off after 72 hours ensuring that properties marked as “Move In Now” truly are move in ready.

This new feature is just another way CHBO is helping to find you more tenant leads faster – enjoy!

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