Why Business Travelers Should Opt for Corporate Housing Over a Hotel

You’ve been in this scenario before. You’ve just been assigned an out-of-town project for work and will have to relocate for several weeks. You need to find extended lodging – preferably something different from a stark hotel – while you’re on assignment.

Instead of checking into the cheapest hotel you can find, why not choose to stay in corporate housing instead?

If you are a regular business traveler, it’s important to understand that you have multiple lodging options and you don’t always have to stay in a small, impersonal hotel room.

There are two key benefits to staying in a corporate rental vs. a hotel during your business travels:

1. Less Expensive: If your stay is one month or longer, corporate housing is often cheaper than staying in a hotel.  It is more of a value with no extra lodging fees or taxes, no daily charges for Internet, no parking fees and less hassles.  Plus you’ll save on dining as you can eat your meals in a private kitchen and you won’t have to pay for expensive room service or restaurant dining.  Plus, where hotel daily rates add up the longer you stay, corporate rentals reward you when you commit to longer stays.

2. Home-like Feel: You’ll also benefit from the personal and home-like feel of corporate housing.  Hotels can be loud, closed-in and lack privacy. Corporate housing eliminates the transient feel of a hotel and makes you feel like you’re a part of the community at large – living like a local in a home or condo.

When you’re called out of town for work for an extended time, ask your HR department to help you find a corporate rental. You’ll save your company money and you’ll feel more at home – a win-win for all!

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  1. Aly
    October 4, 2011

    Hi there – I work for a corporate housing company here in Houston. People are continually surprised when we tell them how much they can save when they choose corporate housing over a hotel – I think a lot of times people are just programmed for hotels but corporate housing has a lot of real advantages, 2 of which yall mentioned here. If homeowners can utilize their extra home as corporate housing for their own benefit, all the better!

    Anyways, thanks for sharing! – Aly


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