Corporate Housing: THE Lodging Solution for Major League Baseball Spring Training (Phoenix/Tucson and Central Florida)

Even though we are approaching the holiday season, at Corporate Housing By Owner we are starting to think about the spring of 2012 and the upcoming Major League Baseball season.

Now is a great time to get a jump start on your corporate housing search, for both baseball players and fans heading to Phoenix/Tucson, Arizona or Central Florida for Spring Training.

Why Corporate Housing is Great for Baseball Players

For the players, corporate housing is the perfect option.  Being on the road long-term can be an isolating experience, especially if you’re staying in a hotel.

Corporate housing offers:

  • Home-like surroundings including full-size kitchens that are perfect for preparing healthy meals.
  • Private sleeping quarters that are convenient for visiting family and friends.
  • Privacy.  Players wont have to walk the lobby of a busy hotel every day on their way to practice.
  • Convenient location close to the training facilities and ballparks.

Plus, baseball players are constantly on the road during the regular season staying in hotels for away games. Living in corporate housing during spring training is a great opportunity to make a home-away-from-home before the madness of the regular season begins.

Why Corporate Housing is Great for Baseball Fans

This time of year is a busy travel period in Arizona and Florida due to school spring breaks and fans attending the spring training games. This results in overpriced and overcrowded hotels.

By staying in corporate housing, traveling fans can:

  • Avoid busy hotels
  • Save money by negotiating pricing with private landlords.
  • Save even more money by cooking meals in the full-size kitchens during their stay.
  • Won’t have to fight to get into local restaurants.
  • Be in close proximity to other local attractions to visit when they aren’t attending games.

CHBO recommends starting your baseball spring training corporate housing search now.  The earlier you start the better, as there will be more availability and better pricing.

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