How to Secure Corporate Rental Occupancy Over the Holidays?

Are you a corporate housing landlord worried about securing a renter and/or having full occupancy over the holidays and into the New Year?

Here are a few tips from Corporate Housing By Owner for avoiding vacancy during this traditionally slower time:

  • Keep Your Current Tenant: Now is a great time to try and negotiate with your current tenant to stay longer.  Offer them a lower price or special concession for extending the length of their lease.
  • Drop Your Price: If you’ve been advertising your property at its usual rate without any bites, you may want to consider lowering the price for the next month or so.  A price adjustment may just pique the interest you are looking for.
  • Be Flexible With Lease Terms: If your goal is to rent your unit, be open to negotiating lease terms you wouldn’t normally entertain during busier times of the year.  An occupied unit at a lower price or shorter lease is always better than a vacant one.

For corporate housing tenants, this is a great time to ask for concessions knowing that corporate rental landlords want occupancy during the holidays and it can be hard to get.  If you are currently searching for accommodations, you may just be able to negotiate a lower price, flexible lease term or some great incentives.

Both parties win at this time of year – landlords have an occupied unit and tenants get a great deal! Good luck and happy holidays!

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