Simple Ways to Make Your Corporate Rental Property Green

Make your corporate housing rental property green

Greening your furnished rental property doesn’t have to be time-consuming. That’s why this first post-Earth Day post we decided to share some very simple ways to add some eco-friendly touches to your property.

  1. Stock property with recycled paper goods such as recycled toilet paper, paper towels and tissues.
  2. Leave bio-degradable and non-toxic agents inside your furnished corporate rental home. This way your guests are encouraged to clean with green products and you know the property is getting cleaned using safe and healthy cleaning products.
  3. Change your lightbulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs to reduce the energy use in your corporate rental.
  4. Leave recycle bins and information about recycling in your property so your guests can easily recycle items.
  5. Use a digital thermostats in your rental unit so you can program the heat to stay low when you’re not there using it. Leave suggested temperatures and instructions for your tenants to follow.
  6. When needed, slowly replace your appliances with energy efficient models.

Tip! On your CHBO property listing, mention that your property has many “eco-friendly” features. Tenants will notice!

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