Stop! Ask Your Corporate Housing Landlord These 3 Questions

Are you a soon-to-be corporate housing tenant or renter?  If yes, before you rent, ask your landlord these three important questions:
  1. Is this property legit? Ask a lot of questions to understand if the property is legit. Ask the owner for references to previous tenants, never wire money, require a phone conversation and be smart – if it doesn’t feel quite right, trust your gut. There are a lot of scammers out there so these extra steps will make sure you’re renting a real property.
  2. Will you run a credit check on me? Understand if the landlord is going to run a credit check and/or background check on you and what’s involved in the process (fees, etc.). Really good landlords will always run some sort of check on you – but if you have something a little sketchy in your past, you’ll want to disclose it and explain it to the landlord before they run the check. Landlords don’t like surprises and they may disqualify you fro renting their property if you didn’t properly disclose and explain past infractions.
  3. What should (or shouldn’t) I pack? Understand what amenities they will have available to you and what you should and shouldn’t bring. A “furnished” property can mean a lot of different things to different landlords. You want to make sure your definition of “furnished vacation rental” is the same as yours. [Learn more about what CHBO Complete and how it helps you pack!

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