Tenant Screening Made Easy for Corporate Housing Landlords.

tenant screening and background checkEvery so often I like to blog about a value-added feabture CHBO offers its members. Today I’d like to talk about the importance of  tenant screening and how to do it.

Too often, landlords will skip the credit check and background check, likely due to cost or they don’t know how to do it. CHBO takes the guess work out of the process through it’s partnership with TransUnion’s MySmartMove program.

To run a credit or background check on your tenant, simply visit MySmartMove page at https://chbo.mysmartmove.com. CHBO has pre-negotiated rates for all CHBO members to take advantage of – score!

The benefits of our tenant screening partnership program include:

Affordable Checks. Running a simple credit and criminal background check only costs $20 through this program. The report will include credit-based leasing recommendations, security deposit recommendations, a criminal history report, renter fraud warnings and automated renter identity verification.  For an additional $5, you’ll also receive immediate access to a credit report, a viewable credit score for the applicant and a detailed rental address history. You decide if you or your tenant pays – the choice is yours.

Pay As You Go. There are no costly subscription fees or commitments. You simply pay per background or credit check you run.

Sensitive Info Stays Anonymous. Applicants verify their online identity with TransUnion directly (not through you) and then you receive their credit and background check reports within minutes. The tenant doesn’t have to give you sensitive information, like their social security number. Sensitive information also is masked when the report is sent to you.

Get All the Facts. Through this program, individual landlords like you can tap into the most comprehensive criminal background databases in the industry. This will help protect your rental property investment from likely “red-flag” renters.

Immediate Access. There is no waiting for approval or documentation neccessary. You will have your credit or background check done instantly.

Create an account with SmartMove by TransUnion today!

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