Stay In Your Corporate Property Before You Rent It Out.

Stay in your Corporate Property before you rent it out

If you’ve ever traveled and stayed in a hotel, vacation rental or corporate rental, it’s likely you’ve had at least one bad experience. It’s inevitable.

But do you want tenants staying in your property to have a memorable, bad experience? I have a feeling you don’t want that – not at all!

That’s why I have one tip for you: Stay In Your Corporate Property Before You Rent It Out!

Is everything neat and clean?

Is everything you need easy to find and within arm’s reach?

Do you have all the dishes and pots you need to prepare a decent meal?

What about basic spices (salt and pepper), a first aid kit, sponges, dish-washing soap, toilet paper, tissues, dish towels, extra pillows and linens, light bulbs, cleaning supplies, etc.?

Where you able to get a good night’s sleep?

Are there any issues you have with noisy neighbors, poor lighting, difficulties accessing an Internet connection, etc.?

All of these items will be brought to your attention by your tenant if you don’t deal with them upfront. If your place has noisy neighbors or is near a train line, mention it to your tenants and perhaps be courteous enough to leave clean ear plugs for them to use.

Many “issues” with your property you won’t discover until you stay in your corporate rental and live like a tenant would live.  Once you know of any issues or needed items, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to prevent a negative experience (and likely negative review) related to your property.

Oh, and another tip is to make sure you stay in your corporate rental at least once a year, if not more. You may not realize things are going awry between tenants.

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