What To Expect Your First Night In A Corporate Rental

Man entering a corporate rentalIf you’re a corporate housing property manager or by owner landlord, you know your tenant’s first night in the property is going to make or break their stay. We like to say that 90% of the details are in the first night. That’s why it’s crucial that you set the stage for your tenant to have a pleasant stay.

First Night Dos:

Check-In and Keys: Make sure the check-in process is smooth. Your tenant should be welcomed by someone with a property key or given very specific instructions on how to enter the property. Do not mess this up – when your tenants arrive, it’s likely they have been traveling all day and just want to take their shoes off and kick up their feet.

Property Manual: Have a property manual available in plain sight. Your tenant might be hungry and need to know how to get to the closest grocery store or restaurant right away. Or maybe they simply need to know how to use the remote control or turn up the heat. Leave all these instructions in a property manual and deter a panicked phone call within minutes of their arrival.

Clean and Ready: Make sure everything is clean and ready for your tenant. The bed should be made with extra pillows and blankets in the closet or in an obvious spot. The toilet paper roll should be full with extra amenities in the cabinets under the sink. When I stay in a corporate rental, I enjoy it when the owner has left behind some cooking essentials, like salt, pepper and oil. These little touches go a long way!

Welcome Wagon: Leave a welcome note – or a goodie basket! Your welcome note should include a nice welcome message along with your contact information should they need you. If your property is high end, consider leaving a basket of goodies for your tenant to enjoy. Some wine, fruit and crackers make a wonderful gesture and show you care that your tenant has a positive stay.

Departure Instructions: While 90% of the details are needed within minutes of check-in, don’t forget to leave detailed departure instructions too. You don’t want your tenant leaving with a bad last experience!

Does anyone have any other suggestions for making the first night a positive experience for your tenant?

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