Don’t Let a Key-Exchange Snafu Create a Bad Corporate Rental Experience

Corporate rental experience

I recently stayed in a corporate rental and getting the key to my property gave me quite the pit in my stomach. When I arrived, I was tired, cold and ready to put my bags down. However, there was a snafu with getting my key. Even though I arranged and paid for an early arrival (at 2:00 pm), not all the parties were advised of this change. The person responsible for giving me my key wasn’t there and hadn’t planned to be there until 4:00 pm, the normal arrival time.

This kind scenario is not uncommon in the corporate rental business, but it’s exactly the kind of detail that can get a tenant-landlord experience off to a bad start.

The best way to avoid this snafu is to ask a lot of questions about the ever-important key exchange process. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Where can I pick up my keys?
  • What time should I be there?
  • What if I’m late?
  • Who is the person meeting me to give me the key?
  • Has that person been notified of my arrival time?
  • What is the person’s cell number?

An even better way to avoid a key-exchange snafu is for a landlord to install a Resort Lock system, which allows for electronic key access and the landlord doesn’t have to be there to let you in.


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