Where to Live? Here are the top 10 cities people are moving to.

According to the US Census bureau, more than 36 million Americans relocated to another state and Cities in 2012. Where are they moving to? It seems that the quest for better weather was the primary motivator. Maybe your corporate rental‘s city is on this list?

Here are the top 10 moving destinations as featured in CBS Marketwatch.

10. Sarasota, FL – Sarasota is home to one of America’s top three beaches and offers plenty of outdoor activities and world-class food.

9. Charlotte, NC – the city’s financial center is a huge job attraction, as is the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

8. Seattle, WA – if you don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits, this city offers beautiful scenery, great home prices and excellent food!

7. Denver, CO – don’t be fooled by the snow – it’s just in the mountains! People move to Denver to enjoy the mild weather, dry climate and beautiful outdoors year-round!

6. Houston, TX – mild winters and southern hospitality make Houston a downright treat!

5. Chicago, IL – food, diversity and world-class entertainment create the Windy City’s not-so-secret charm.

4. Orlando, FL – this city is a golfer’s delight – move here and enjoy ample greens and warm weather year-round.

3. Phoenix, AZ – it’s warm and sunny every day. Enough said!

2. Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX – decent housing prices and good job opportunities lead the charge for relocations to this warm weather city.

1. Atlanta, GA – locals enjoy the nightlife and the culture of NY and Chicago without the cold weather. It’s the most popular place to move for the second year in a row!

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