Traveling With Colleagues? Get a Corporate Rental.

Travelling with Colleagues? Get a corporate rental

If you’re one of the 3.9% Americans expecting to take a business trip in the next 6 months (Source:, you might want to consider taking a fresh look at where you stay. While hotels are great for short-term stays, for longer stays it might be nice to have a home away from home where you can “move-in” for a longer period of time.

But what if you’re traveling for business pals, a business partner, or a close colleague? The thought of saving a buck and sharing a hotel room might sound nice at first or even commanded by Corporate, but what about a longer stay? Do you really want to spend a month or longer “bunking up” with your colleague?

A solution to this dilemma  is corporate housing. When traveling with a business pal, you can share a corporate rental to save money, yet still have your own space.

In a corporate rental, you can each retreat to your own bedrooms when you need alone time, then share a main living area for business meetings, pow-wows, meals, and even for a little kick-back time together.

So the next time you’re assigned an extended business trip with your business partner, business colleague, or even boss, and “Corporate” orders you to “bunk up” to save money, consider a corporate rental. It’ll keep your professional and personal relationship with your colleague in-tact!

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