CHBO Gives Back: You can too! 1000km completed, 4000km to go…

Baby on a Bike – 1000km and Counting

So we completed our first thousand kilometres a couple of days ago. Pre-Amaya this wouldn’t have been as noteworthy, but 1000km with a teething toddler in tow is a definite milestone. Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far! Thanks for reading our blog, for your encouragement and a massive thanks to those who have made a donation to Clinica Verde. We have raised close to $1000  (almost $1 per kilometre). This is money that has already made a difference to the lives of mothers and children in the Boaco region of Nicaragua.

If you would like to donate please click HERE:

  • $5 Helps provide clean water at the clinic
  • $10 Buys medication for a child  in need
  • $25 Supports 2 wellness visits for a child
  • $100 Provides prenatal care for 1 mother’s full pregnancy
  • $250 Supports a nurse for a month

Learn more about the CHBO Gives Back Program: Click HERE.

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