Traveling Nurses Love Corporate Housing

According to the “by Owner” Corporate Housing Annual Report: 18% of  Property Owners report they have had renters who are Healthcare Professionals & Traveling Nurses and 15% say they have had rents in need of Medical Treatment. For example families waiting for an organ transplant or specialized treatments can often rent corporate housing for multiple months.

Traveling Healthcare professionals are a great sub-culture of the healthcare industry.  With today’s shortage in healthcare professionals there is a demand for qualified people to travel around the United States following the best jobs and the best pay. For these guys and gals travel and work are a great adventure that allows them to see the country, experience new cities and get paid the best rates.

One of my favorite publications is Healthcare Traveler. This publication consistently covers industry trends, city life and gives great tips for the traveler. Today they sent me a “Help Wanted” email. I thought you might find this interesting or maybe even find a new career.

CHBO Dallas Property 6637 is a building with multiple corporate housing rentals that was designed specifically for healthcare renters. “This complex is perfect for medical staff needing to be close to Medical City, Baylor, Texas Presbyterian, Children’s Medical, and UT Southwestern, or professionals commuting to downtown.”

Healthcare travelers generally rent for 6 – 12 months and frequently travel with their dogs as this is not just a business trip, it is a way of life. Did you know 48% of CHBO Property Owners accept pets?

TIP:  If your rental property is located near a hospital or medical facility, make sure you have that name in your property description to make it easier for the Healthcare Traveler to find you.

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