Corporate Housing Landlord Responsibility: Part II of III

Megan’s Law: Protect yourself, your tenants and your neighborhood – As a corporate housing landlord make safety a priority!

Megan’s Law disclosure Passed in 1996 is a federal law that requires a list of registered sex offenders be made available to the public.

In addition some states have their own Megan’s Law, which may require that law enforcement actively notify the public of the presence of registered sex offenders.

Generally landlords are not required to provide information on a known sex offenders to potential tenants, you can avoid possible liability by including resources for these lists. As a rule, most landlords want to screen out tenants with criminal records, particularly convictions for violent crimes or crimes against children.

Checking a prospective tenant’s credit report is one way to find out about a person’s criminal history. Self-reporting is another: Corporate Rental applications typically ask whether the prospective tenant has ever been convicted of a crime, and, if so, to provide details. Running an investigative report, a background report about a person’s character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living, is one possibility, but less common.

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