Hang onto a corporate home you don’t want to part with!

Denver Couple Creates 3,800 Square Foot4 Executive Retreat that Caters to Upscale Corporate Tenants 
A Denver woman longed to live in the Colorado mountains and decided to trade-in her upscale corporate home to become closer to nature. Her huge Denver home now serves as a luxury furnished rental to executives visiting the area.

Chicago Couple Finds Success in Corporate Rental Market
After a crummy renter left Kajal Agarwal up in arms, she decided to convert her unfurnished Chicago condo into a furnished executive rental, saying good-bye to no-good renters once and for all!

Denver Homeowner Rents Out Home for $1,000 More Per Month than Expected!
After being relocated overseas, this Denver businesswoman decided to sell her home… unsuccessfully. Then she tried to rent it out working with a real estate agent… unsuccessfully. Then she tried CHBO – and got $1,000 more per month than her real estate agent said she could get… finally, CHBO success!

Love Left Virginia Landlord with a Vacant Townhome Ripe for Rent
After moving in with his girlfriend, this homeowner didn’t want to part way with his townhome until he knew his new living arrangement would work out for good.

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