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Back to school Special – Free print edition of the CHBO “by Owner – Annual Report”

If you signup as a Bulk Property Owner on CHBO in the month of September we will send you a complimentary printed “by Owner – Annual Report”.

What is a Bulk Owner? CHBO PowerOwnerList five or more properties on CHBO to reduce your costs and increase your visibility

Real estate investment tool: CHBO has introduced a new monthly marketing plan for “bulk” owners listing five or more properties on CHBO. This program is designed for owners and property managers with multiple rental units to offer as corporate housing options. All listings on CHBO that come from a single owner or company get to display the “Power Owner” logo on each of their listings when you list two or more listings. This logo will link to all active properties.

The benefits of being a Bulk Owner are twofold. First, you get more exposure b offering multiple options. Second, you get to maximize your potential profitability by generating repeat rentals with corporate users who like renting from you.

You also get some CHBO-only benefits as a Bulk Owner, including:

  • Monthly Billing.
  • Free Additional photos upgrade.
  • Power Owner status to display on all properties.
  • More Visibility through multiple listings.
  • Ability to switch properties in and out as available/not available.

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