How Schools increase your Rental Rate?

If you are looking for accurate rental data across the United States then RentRange is your company. What these guys do is not just guess at rental rates and data, they actually collect real data and a lot of it, and then produce reports that will make you more successful in your real estate rentals.

I was talking with Wally Charnoff the CEO of RentRange last week and he has found with the data they collect that having a rental property that feeds to the right school can increase your rental rate by 10-12% compared to the house down the street that feeds to another school. WOW, 10-12% more just because of a school!

So what RentRange is now going to do is provide data not just by MSA (Metropolitan State Area), by zip code or by school district but they are now going to provide data on specific neighborhoods and individual schools.

What you need to do as a landlord is understand how specific neighborhoods and schools can make such a huge difference in rental rate.  Once you understand the best rate for your property the next step is to market these details in your property marketing.

Remember all the words in your property listing description on CHBO are searchable and the more words your property listing has the more searches it will appear in giving you the best success rate possible in finding the perfect next renter.

Take 5 Minutes and add 10 new descriptive words to your property description that really make your property standout from all the rest.

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