Corporate Rental Marketing Trend: How do I build a fishing net?

As most of you know I love to hear stories from property owners and business owners about how they found their last customer. In the old days of “Mad Men” marketing life was a little easier. Marketing was a formula: Calls + Lunches + Gifts + Time = Deals. Today there are so may ways to find the next customers and for them to search, that this old corporate rental marketing formula or what I call Channel Marketing, doesn’t exist.

Today successful property owners, managers and business owners are required to build what I call the Marketing Fishing Net. This net is a broad based, integrated network of connections that presents the product or service to the customer no matter what direction they are searching.

It was great hearing from an Atlanta property owner who just rented their property for 3 months to a TV personality while they house hunt for the perfect longterm home. I mean really, as a property owner, how are you supposed to cost effectively market to people like this without CHBO? CHBO has spent the last 8 years developing the biggest fishing net we could think of and the great news is we work every day to make that net bigger to give all our property owners the best opportunity to find the best next renter no matter where they are coming from.

The CHBO Team is also always open to new ideas, so drop us a note if you think there is a source for potential renters that we aren’t talking to.

CHBO has dozens of specific additional websites to best connect with potential tenants from different walks of life. These specific sites pull CHBO properties from the main database based on specific search criteria and we are always working on more. Take a look at our Military Housing site.

And CHBO connects the properties listed on CHBO with dozens of other sites through direct feeds. Click here to learn more.

p.s. The property owner was also extra excited because he got a behind the scenes tour of the TV studio.

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