Corporate Housing Holiday Lease Explosion!

NEWS: Normally we see a Holiday slowdown on Corporate Housing Rentals during the holiday seaons but that DOES NOT seem to be happening these days. Can you believe it the Holiday Demand is up for Corporate Housing Rentals.

One theory: We did see a slow down during the recent government shutdown when all businesses, unsure of what the government would do, put projects on hold. These projects are now full steam ahead even though we are in the midst of the holiday season.

What this means for us as corporate housing providers is increased demand. If you have a property that is empty or needs to find a renter for the first of the year now is a great time to start marketing that rental because there are people who need places to stay.

Feel free to call or email a CHBO Property Specialist to review your property listing and make sure you are connecting with the best potential renters for your property.

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