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Corporate Rentals and Energy Rules, Tips and Ideas!

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Published Date: 2013-12-31

Did you know some cities have Energy Disclosure Requirements? In the same way corporate rentals have these requirements too. For example in New York City Local Law 84 requires all buildings that are > 10,000 square feet must report energy consumption for all units in the building and an energy audit is required every 10 years on buildings > 50,000 square feet. To avoid fines and learn more check on with your local and state government websites. Additional ordinances are also listed at: where they have information from Austin, Boston, Chicago, NYC, Seattle and DC. Also take a look at IMT: Institute for Market Transformation "The building sector is the single largest user of energy in the United States, accounting for roughly 40 percent of total energy consumption, more than industry or transportation. Each year, we spend $450 billion on energy for our buildings." Did you know there are sites that rate building efficiency? Visit to see... "Local jurisdictions in the U.S. have begun aggressive policies aimed at commercial, multifamily and government buildings. There are numerous building energy policies in the US with specific benchmarking, rating and disclosure requirements unique to each locality. Each jurisdiction's policy parameters are summarized by the date rating legislation was enacted, the period of time needed to fully implement the mandate, the rating or benchmarking tool used, the parties to whom information must be disclosed, and the building types affected. Policies under development or consideration are also included with as much detail as currently available." Fact: Toilets swallow up to a quarter of household water.

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