Annual Report: Corporate Properties!

Corporate Properties

  • Property Size / Number of Bedrooms. The highest percentage of “by owner” rentals continues to be two-bedrooms (38%). In addition, 29% of respondents say their rental corporate properties have three bedrooms or more. In contrast, in the full-service, corporate housing industry, the majority of rentals are one-bedrooms. The availability of additional bedrooms makes the “by owner” corporate housing segment an attractive option to renters.
  • Property Type. Whereas the majority of corporate rentals in the full-service corporate housing industry are apartments, only 12% of “by owner” rental properties are apartments, according to survey results. Single-family homes make up the largest percentage of “by owner” properties (28%) accounted for in this survey, followed closely by low-rise condominiums (24%).
  • Property Locations. The highest numbers of private corporate rentals are in suburban areas on residential streets (42%), followed by central urban areas (28%) and outer urban areas (23%).
  • What’s Included in Your Rental. While most private owners offer tenants a fully stocked kitchen (91%), TV (88%), bed linens (88%), towels (85%) and electricity (84%), there is much greater variation – and opportunity for competitive advantage – in the technology, maid services and perks that are available in each rental property.

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