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Corporate Rentals and Light Bulbs best bang for the buck?

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Published Date: 2014-01-03

If you have been watching the news these days you should know that the 40 watt and 60 watt light bulbs are going extinct. The next time you go to the store to buy a light bulb for your corporate rental these bulbs will no longer be available on the shelf. For your entire life you may have been buying the same product and now you will be forced to change. So now what are your supposed to buy? Today we will look at LED vs Induction bulbs - for corporate rentals, these lights are currently the longest lasting and best light for the dollar. Both should last 100,000 hours. LED is cold tolerant to -30 F. Induction is cold tolerant to - 40 F but may require warmup. Both have instant start, no flickering, no strobing and no noise. LED energy efficiency is 120 lumens/watt and improving. Induction is 90 lumens/watt. LED is easy to recycle because it does not contain mercury. Induction does contain mercury and requires special disposal handling. Questions to ask: First think about your need - Do you need a wide cast of light or direct? LED can do both. Induction lighting doesn't have the directional capacity of LED, but takes the lead in high-level, broad lighting applications. Inductions wins over LED on intensity. Second, Induction lamps emit UV light which may fade some items, LEDs do not. I think we will all be asking questions for a while before we figure it all out.

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