Corporate Rentals and the Telephone?

CHBO Complete is all about setting a standard list of what needs to be in a corporate housing rental and allowing accurate communication between a property owner and future corporate housing renter. CHBO Complete have all the standard items accepted by the corporate housing industry and utilities all wrapped up into one nice corporate rental rate, phone included?Corporate rentals and telephone

At AvenueWest Corporate Housing we call these properties “AvenueWest Signature” properties. We take pride in providing a property we know meets all the expectations of an experienced traveler.

But have times changed?

I know sometimes I can be old fashioned. I feel good about having land-line phone service in all my corporate rentals and I always have at least one non-electric phone for a tenant to use just in case the electricity goes out, they can still make a needed call.

Recently, however, I have been talking with other corporate housing providers and some provide no phone service at all, some provide VOIP phones, and some phone service with phones that always need electricity.  I know at my house I still have a VOIP phone but no one other than family ever calls that number but somehow I think I sleep better knowing it is there. My guess is builders will stop wiring houses with phone cable and 5 years from now I will not only have to describe to my children what a fax machine was I will also have to tell them the stories about the old days when phones were attached to the wall.

What are you providing in your rental properties?

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