Apps for the New Property Owner!

Home improvement tips for property manager As a property owner, investor and corporate housing manager, you need to make decisions about interior décor and home improvements while managing your budget and staying on top of your bills. There are several apps that can help you manage all these tasks from the smartphone in your pocket. Having the information you need at your fingertips can make managing your home a lot easier.

Interior Décor

Take a look at the Joss & Main app (available from the iTunes store) for a great example of interior décor guidance for homeowners. There are beautiful images, and the app offers curated designs that can be conveniently recreated in your home. It’s easy to order any of the items displayed on the app, making interior design simple for anyone.

You can simply take your phone on a tour through your home and pick out items that match with your design tastes. Order your products and lay them out as you see in the pictures. Now your phone doubles as a personal interior designer.

Paying Bills

Now that you’re a homeowner, you likely have more than a few accounts with a range of companies. There’s the usual checking and savings account at your bank and probably a few credit cards. Add your mortgage, which may be at a different bank, and all the utilities that come with your house. Even the most organized people let one of these monthly statements fall through the cracks. However, using an app like Check (, you can bring all these disparate accounts together in a single dashboard. Connect your bank accounts with your credit cards, utility bills, car payment, and mortgage. You’ll know what money you have, where it is, and what bills need to be paid when.

Managing Your Budgeting

If you want a little more help with your finances than simply bringing all your accounts together, Mint ( can help you create and stick with a budget. In addition to knowing what bills need to be paid and when, you can set savings and spending goals for a wide range of categories. As a homeowner, you need to be ready when the water heater busts in the middle of the night. The only way to prepare for these unforeseen events is with a budget and savings plan. Keeping this information on your phone makes it easy to reference when you’re making a purchasing decision.

Home Repairs

Probably one of the most handy apps for homeowners is the Bubble Level, available from the Google Play store. You will be surprised how many times you will use this app. Hanging pictures and need a level? No problem. Installing a shelf and want it to be straight? Grab your phone an its done. There are so many times that a homeowner needs a level for repairs around the house, so it’s very convenient to have one on your smartphone.

Real Estate

Do you have the most expensive house on the block, or is yours the ugly duckling? Stay up-to-date on the housing market and your house’s value with a real estate app like Trulia ( Perhaps you’re thinking about a remodel or some other upgrade to your home. If you’re already living in the most expensive house in your neighborhood, then you’ll never get your money back when you sell. However, if you’re in one of the least expensive houses on the block, you may be able to turn a nice profit with some upgrades. In addition to the sale value of your home, you can find out what the rental value is. This is great for investment properties if you’re thinking about renting a room or the whole house. Knowing what your home is worth can help you make these important decisions.

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