10 Strategies: Best Property Listing!

10 strategies for creating a listing that gets your property found and rented!

It’s essential you complete your property listing to ensure maximum occupancy. For help completing your property listing, please review the CHBO Property Owner Handbook.

To help you write a successful listing, we thought we’d share with you some of the common mistakes property owners make when writing their listings – mistakes that are sure to turnoff potential clients!

1. Not describing your property in great detail. Do your listing justice by referencing nearby attractions, businesses, amenities, etc. This will help your property show up in keyword search results.

2. Not adjusting your rates often. Seasonal changes and market fluctuations can impact your rate. Be sure to analyze often and adjust as necessary.

3. Not updating your availability calendar. You may be doing a disservice to yourself and prospective tenants by not updating your calendar. You’ll get leads that you can’t fulfill and waste their time and yours.

4. Making typos. Typos and grammatical errors are red flags to prospective clients. In fact, careless errors often turn off a business or HR professional!

5. Not encouraging reviews. Reviews are an important aspect of CHBO. If you have a particularly pleasant tenant, encourage them to write a review. Past guests can influence future guests, so take your reviews seriously.

6. Not returning calls fast enough. Renters are shopping around and if you don’t respond to their inquiry right away, it’s likely someone else will.

7. Not updating your headline/title. Your home may be appealing during certain times of the year to different kinds of tenants. You may want to market your home as a ski retreat in the winter and an outdoorsy adventure in the summer. Or you may want to advertise a special offer or deal within the text of your headline. Update your headline/title often and see which attracts the most attention.

8. Poor photos. A picture says a thousand words – make sure those “words” are positive! Have good quality photos that showcase your property in a positive light! Use our partner, Obeo, to hire a professional to take photos for you.

9. Not enough photos. You may include three photos with your basic listing or upgrade to 33 photos for an additional fee. The more photos the better – people will see what they’re getting and be more confident working with you.

10. Not adequately describing the location. People visiting your area may not know where your town is relative to the major cities, attractions or businesses. Get specific. For example, if your home is a 10 minute drive to XYZ Hospital, say that in your listing. A traveling nurse or visiting doctor may search for properties near XYZ Hospital and you want your listing to be top of mind!

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