Don’t Let Bed Bugs Take a Bite Out of Your Rental Income

Don’t let these pesky insects ruin your property and your reputation!


Protect a Bed!

With bed bugs on the rise, particularly in hotels, the situation has put corporate housing landlords on notice. Bed bug protection - protect a bed

Let’s take the time to answer some of your pressing questions about bed bugs:

How are bed bugs introduced to a home? Bed bugs are introduced into homes and buildings via luggage and personal belongings of guests and workers. They typically take up residence in beds, but are often found on carpets, luggage, sofas and behind wall hangings too.

Do bed bugs carry diseases? While bed bugs don’t transmit any illnesses, they do create itchy welts on their victims’ bodies. A single bed bug can lay 500 or more eggs in a lifetime, so most bed bugs come with their families to attack an unsuspecting victim.

How can I prevent bed bugs? The best remedy for bed bugs is prevention. A simple way to prevent bed bugs is by purchasing a sealed mattress pad specifically designed to prevent bed bugs and dust mites. This will cost you a bit more upfront (about $50-$200 depending on the size of your mattress), but it will deter bed bugs from taking up residence in your home.

Also, homeowners should be vigilant about checking their beds after each visitor. If you see tiny bed bugs or small black or red spots on the sheets, you need to get professional pest control help immediately. Be sure to also check the carpet, baseboards and sofas for further infestation and eradicate as necessary. The sooner you catch a bed bug problem the less likely it is that the problem will spread throughout your entire home.

What do I do if I notice bed begs? Once you notice a bed bug problem, notify any previous tenants that they may be a carrier – encourage them to vacuum their luggage and inspect their beds as well. At that time you’ll want to look up a local pest control service to evaluate your situation. Bed bugs do not go away on their own and require immediate and swift professional attention.

Remember, prevention is key in avoiding problems with bed bugs. We hope these tips will help you and your tenants sleep a bit easier at night.

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