Real Estate Investing: Fastest growing US Cities.

According to new data from the US Census Bureau 3 of the top 5 fastest growing cities in the US are in Texas.

People are being lured by higher-than-average salaries, but developers can’t build homes fast enough.

  1. San Marcos, Texas
  2. Frisco, Texas
  3. South Jordan, Utah
  4. Cedar Park, Texas
  5. Lehi, Utah
  6. Goodyear, Arizona
  7. Gaithersburg, Maryland
  8. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
  9. Meridian, Idaho
  10. Odessa, Texas
  11. Gilbert, Arizona
  12. McKinney, Texas
  13. Franklin, Tennessee
  14. Pearland, Texas

Biggest Population Increases

Cities with the largest numeric growth and their current populations:

  1. New York – 8,405,837
  2. Los Angeles – 3,884,307
  3. Chicago – 2,718,782
  4. Houston – 2,195,914
  5. Philadelphia – 1,553,165

Questions to Ask:

  • As you think about investing in real estate do you only consider properties in your own area?
  • Do you know at what the population trends are in the area you are investing?
  • What are your expectations for equity growth?
  • What do property taxes look like?
  • What is the price per square foot of the rental?
  • What are the employment trends in the area?
  • What does future development look like in the area??

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