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How to Prepare a Property Manual

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Published Date: 2014-05-03

To ensure a positive stay for your tenants, we recommend preparing a detailed property manual and leaving it inside your property in an accessible place.

Read below for more information or discover our new book, "Making Money with Rental Properties" about how to prepare this important manual for your rental property.  Making Money with Rental Properties An important part of being a successful landlord is how you manage the tenants that stay in your property. They may "live" in your property but they may not know how to do simple tasks like using your appliances, adjusting the thermostat and/or driving to the nearest grocery store. To ensure a positive stay, we recommend preparing a detailed property manual and leaving it inside your property in an accessible place for your tenants to find and use. This manual should include the following information, at a minimum:

Unit Instructions:

  • Arrival and departure information.
  • Key and any garage or building access instructions and fees for replacement.
  • Parking location (if assigned) and instructions.
  • Thermostat adjusting instruction.
  • Trash day notices.
  • Instructions on how to use major appliances and electronics (including special instructions for your remote controls!).


  • Building Map and fire escape information.
  • A copy of your HOA Rules & Regulations.
  • Neighborhood information, including directions to the nearest grocery stores, highways, malls, major offices and popular restaurants (you can also include a directory of good take- out restaurants/menus too!).
  • Print out maps/directions to help your renter get around.

Emergency Numbers:

  • Local police and fire departments.
  • Your emergency contact numbers.
  • The number of a trusted neighbor.
  • Any maintenance or important building/property contacts.
Find more details in The Corporate Housing Handbook.  The Corporate Housing Handbook Remember, it’s your job to provide good customer service. A detailed property manual is a great way to create a positive experience for your clients. It’s also a great way to limit the number of calls you’ll receive from your tenant during their stay!

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