Investor Tips: Corporate Rental Home Upgrades!

One of the great things about a CHBO Complete corporate rental home is that the property owner has paid attention to all the important details both big and small that will make any extended stay renter feel right at home. This is way 18% of CHBO renters last year rented for a year or longer. Since we are experts in corporate housing and not in home decor, I thought you could use some simple tips from a real decor expert – Kimberly

Easy Ways to Upgrade and Make Your Corporate Rental Feel Like Home
By Jennifer Lutz

Corporate rentalRenting out your property as a corporate housing rental doesn’t need to dampen your decorating style. There are plenty of ways you can make a rented space as fabulous as you want it to be. Turn your corporate housing rental property into an inviting home and a property everyone wants to rent by using these fun and easy tricks!


LightingChanging your lights is a simple yet effective way to change your rental home without spending a lot. Most rentals have stark white walls, so lessen the impact by changing out white lighting for yellow or orange lighting using lamps and pendant lights.

Lighting with lower wattage creates a more intimate feel to your space while keeping the focus away from the walls. You can also install decorative light fixtures to update your rental’s overall look, and make your space warm and inviting.



Paint on wallsUse bold colors to make a statement and always paint over chipped and marked walls.  This will help you create a smooth look without rebuilding the entire wall.

Temporary Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an efficient way to cover up cracked or hTemporary wallpaperole-filled walls. If it’s within your budget, you can use removable wallpaper to cover up your walls. This type of wallpaper is easier to put up and peel off–just use a knife to peel off the corner before pulling off the rest of the wallpaper.  Have fun and make it fresh each year.

Wall Decals

Wall decals are a creative way to hide the most unbecoming parts of your walls. There are plenty of designs you can choose from, and you can even make your own if you’re feeling inspired.

Portraits/Framed Pictures

Framed photos and portraits make it easier to creatively hide marks and nail holes on the walls of your rental space. Photos are also effective solutions when dealing with a lone crack or hole on the wall.



Rugs are your best friend when it comes to camouflaging the floors of your rental home, especially the unsightly tiles or cracks. Also, choose rugs that cover most of your floor to reduce nicks and scratch marks made by furniture.


Storage space

When renting a small apartment, the best way to maximize your storage space is to look up. Utilize all the storage space your walls provide by installing shelves, giving you space for your books, photos, and other mementos.

Personal Touches


Changing out the old hardware is a quick and affordable way to update your décor and give your rental space some personality. Choose door knobs and cabinet pulls that complement your style and the rest of your interior design.



If your apartment comes with unflattering metal or plastic blinds on the windows, hide them by using drapes and curtains. Hanging curtains also gives your home a fresh look without a huge investment.


Even if you’re only renting for a short term, think long-term when choosing your furniture. Buying furniture that lasts a long time, both in quality and style, saves you money in the long run as you can always use these pieces when you move.

Open ShelvingOpen shleves

Remove your cupboard doors to turn your drab cabinets into open shelving. Doing this makes your rental space look more spacious, and you might even find extra storage space you ordinarily wouldn’t notice.


Whether you buy or create your own, decorating your space with artwork brings your personality into your décor. From modern paintings to paper crafts, add visual interest to your rental space to make it livelier.



Add a bit of green to your décor to revitalize a bleak rental property. Whether in flower boxes outside your window or potted herbs on your kitchen countertop, you can quickly and affordably liven up your home with a few plants.

You can turn your rental space into a warm and inviting home without going over the budget. Enjoy a beautiful rental property with these fun tips and tricks!

Jennifer Lutz is the home décor expert at Jennifer frequently blogs about home decorating, including this recent article about decorating your home for summer.

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