Luxury Furnished Rental Design: 5 Answers.

Great Corporate Housing luxury furnished rentals should always exceed the guest’s expectation!

Here at CHBO we always say that true rental success is setting and exceeding guests expectations. Well that is always easier said than done. Where to start and what are some of those smaller details that really make a great corporate rental? Today, Kerrie Kelly, a Decor Expert shares some ideas for your next great luxury corporate housing rental… 

Luxury Corporate Housing Rental Design – Getting Rugs Right: Solutions for Five Common Questions
By Kerrie Kelly, ASID

Area rugs are such a simple, practical  and affordable solution to so many design issues, but as an interior designer, some of the most common questions I get are about the rules and regulations of rug placement. Should all the furniture legs touch the rug, or just two? None? How much floor space should show?Area Rug Design in Corporate Homes

No matter what you’ve heard, the answer ultimately depends on the space and the furniture. Understanding some simple guidelines for different situations are enough to help you make the right design decisions for your own home or rental. Here are five to get you started.

 1. How Many Feet Should Be on the Rug?

When it comes to furniture like couches and chairs, two legs on and two off is a safe look that can help make sense of an open floor plan. This setup pulls together any open space Master Bedroom in corporate rentalas well as the space that’s defined by the rug. This can be especially helpful when the budget just doesn’t allow for a rug that covers as much space as you might like.

 In a more enclosed space, keeping all the feet on the rug brings a sense of polished finish. If you’re looking for something a little looser in the space, though, feel free to slide those back legs onto the floor. The same applies in the bedroom. Keep the legs that are most visible on the rug. Our eyes just aren’t train ed to notice what’s happening at the back of the bed near the wall.Formal Dinning Room in Corporate housing

My own personal rule is that some legs need to be on the rug. If the rug is not big enough for any of the legs to connect, go without the rug. Otherwise, the rug becomes a postage stamp in your design scheme.

2. How Much Rug and How Much Floor?

This is largely a practical consideration. First, do you have floors worth showing off? If so, feel free to let up to 18 inches of the floor show at the edge of the room. In certain Living Room Style in executive rentalsituations like dining rooms, remember that people need 24-36 inches to move the chair comfortably to and from the table. It is OK, however, if the back legs are on the floor.

In the bedroom, are you more interested in warm feet in the morning, or balancing the bed in the space? Twelve to 18 inches of rug showing is a good place to start.  

3. Mix and Match or All the Same?

Think of rugs as you would upholstery Dinning Style in corporate rentaland other fabrics you’re using in a room. You can certainly mix and match, but make sure that colors and patterns are complementary. This is especially true if you’re placing rugs over carpeting. So, texture counts, too. Think kilim over sisal, or shag over low pile.

4. Can Outdoor Rugs Come Inside? 

Outdoor fabrics have come so far that I’ve found many outdoor rugs that are beautiful additions to the interior space. Consider the ways in which an outdoor rug could make life easier in a kitchen, bath or dining room. Not only do they make cleaning easier, these rugs are made to withstand far more cleaning and wear and tear than their traditional counterparts.

Inside Design corporate homes5. Safety in Small Spaces?

When working with hallway or stair runners, safety is really your first concern. Make sure that they are wide enough that both feet hit the rug as your guests walk. Once you’ve got that covered, use a rug pad or rug tape to keep the rug in place. Aesthetically, yes, you want some floor to show in a hall or stairway—just make sure no one gets hurt in the process. Good design should not be painful!

Décor expert Kerrie Kelly writes on home design topics for The Home Depot. Kerrie is a professional interior designer and the author of My Interior Design Kit. A wide selection of area rugs at The Home Depot, including styles reviewed by Kerrie, can be found here at Home Decorators.

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