Trends: Corporate Housing Real Estate Predictions.

Really we all want that perfect crystal ball that lets us know what the future looks like and when it comes to real estate investing it is even more essential to know what the future looks like and how these properties will be good investments. – Kimberly

Outlook for 2016: Corporate Housing Real Estate Predictions for the Future

According to respondents, their outlook for 2016 is very positive. The number of respondents who say the future looks “much better than last year” held strong at 21%, down just slightly from 23%. 41% say they predict that 2016 will be either much better or a little better than 2015.  Corporate Housing pie chart

Only 7% say they believe 2016 will be less profitable — up slightly from an all-time low of 4% of respondents in 2014.

Those who say they are “not sure” about the future rose to 18% — up from an all-time low of 11% in 2014. This may be a result of the current election cycle.

Survey note: In 2010 and 2009, we asked individual property owners about past trends. In contrast, starting in our 2011 survey, we asked survey respondents to share their corporate housing real estate predictions for the future.

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