How to Get Reviews on Your Short Term Housing Properties?

As a short-term housing property owner, you want to minimize the time your property stays vacant. If you have beautiful short-term apartments in an attractive neighborhood with a lot of amenities, you might be wondering why you should care about getting tenant reviews on your properties. After all, don’t your pictures and description speak for themselves?

Tenant Reviews Can Make All the Difference

You may have a number of beautiful images of your property, as well as a detailed description with a full list of all of the amenities available to your short-term housing tenants. However, for people looking for luxurious short-term apartments, there’s nothing quite like hearing it from someone who’s stayed there.


Tenant reviews allow others who are thinking of renting your property to get an idea of someone else’s opinion of renting it. Reading a good review lets the next tenant know that the rental process and transaction went smoothly and that the stay was a positive experience. A glowing review is worth a lot more than even the best description or the most accurate images (though these will definitely help, as well).

Ask for Reviews to Get More High Quality Tenants

So how can you get people to write helpful reviews for your properties? You no doubt already know that you should be polite and ask them to give you a good review if they enjoyed their stay. This is a good start, but you can get a lot more out of your reviews if you help give your tenants an idea of what to write about, too.


Give Your Tenants an Idea of What to Write

First of all, you can ask your tenants to leave a review telling other prospective tenants what they thought of the area. While new tenants will have a lot of information about your short-term housing property based on your photos and description, they may not have as much information about the convenience of the area where your property is located. What did they think of the area’s restaurants, entertainment, and other attractions? This will inform them a great deal about where they want to live for the next few weeks or months.

You can also ask them to talk about what they thought of the property’s amenities and building access points. Other prompts might include asking them why they liked staying in your property so much and how they felt about the safety of the neighborhood and your building.

The more you prompt your tenants with ideas of what to write about when they give a review, the more useful their reviews will be. A review that says nothing more than, “I liked staying here. It was close to work and comfortable,” might be nice, but it isn’t very reviews by corporate tenantsinformative. The more detailed your previous tenants’ reviews are, the more they’ll help you keep new tenants pouring into the property. With enough great reviews like this, you won’t ever have to worry about having empty short-term apartments again.

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    April 4, 2016

    Excellent information shared. Review can make a difference in business revenue. You can also receive the review form and yelp which give trust to the visitors about the business.


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