Oklahoma City – City Spotlight

The largest city in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City is an incredible place to live or visit. While New York City is known as “The Big Apple”, and New Orleans has been dubbed “The Big Easy”, City’s residents feel like it should be nicknamed “The Big Friendly”. If you want walking directions anywhere in downtown City, people won’t tell you how to get they’re – they’ll take you there, themselves!


Between its residents’ friendly demeanors and its thriving commercial and industrial sectors, more and more people are visiting this city for work and play, and the city is seeing an influx of people relocating here for work, as well. And CHBO is proud to offer numerous luxury Oklahoma City temporary housing options.

Oklahoma City, OK – Need to Know Info

The population in this city is just over 610,000 – large enough for a lot of great job opportunities and tourism but small enough to feel like a friendly town when you live here. The climate is fairly humid and mild here, with temperatures ranging from a daily average of 39 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 83 degrees in July.

Along with its attractive climate, Oklahoma City is known for having a wide variety of beautiful neighborhoods to choose from. Each neighborhood has its own community, culture, and style, so there’s something for everyone in this growing city. And, with all that going for it, and has been dubbed a recession-proof city by Forbes.

Things to See and Do in Oklahoma City, OK

Bricktown is one of the most attractive parts of Oklahoma City to both tourists and residents. Not only will you find great shopping and dining experiences, but you can also take a boat ride down the canal for a relaxing day in the city.

If you tend to get a little blue in the winter, take a trip to the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, where you can warm up and see some of the most beautiful tropical flora on earth. And then there’s the Myriad Botanical Gardens, which boast 17 acres of green space right in downtown in city.

From arts and culture to outdoor fun and family entertainment, Oklahoma City, OK has it all. Whether you’re visiting for a long vacation or you’re considering relocating to this amazing city, you’ll want to check out these and other attractions while you’re staying in Oklahoma City temporary housing.

Beautiful Oklahoma City Furnished Housing

If you want to stay downtown in the middle of it all, consider this gorgeous two-bedroom, fully furnished apartment. Here, you’ll enjoy luxurious amenities and a quiet, restful place to sleep that’s just walking distance from all the nightlife and attractions you’ll want to visit in Oklahoma City. This beautifully decorated apartment also includes access to a high quality fitness center, a gaming and billiards room, a relaxing courtyard with a beautiful water feature, and much more.

Whether you’re visiting or relocating to Oklahoma City, consider one of the many Oklahoma City temporary housing options available to you through CHBO. You’ll enjoy all the luxuries you could ask for during your stay in this fine city.

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