The 4 Step Process to Delight Your Tenants

How can you attract more tenants, reduce your vacancy rate, and decrease your turnover rate, all at the same time? Learning what it takes to delight any tenant from the moment they see your property online until they pack their belongings and leave will help you get incredible reviews and bring in more long-term tenants than you ever thought possible. So how can you make your corporate housing property irresistible? Just follow these steps.

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Plan a Delightful Destination

Your short-term rental could be the most beautifully decorated place in the world, but in general people don’t fly to a destination just for their lodgings. They go because there’s something attracting them to that area. If you can provide information about vacationing in your area, relocating there, the best neighborhoods, places to eat, etc., you’ll be doing your tenants an incredible service that they won’t forget.

Create a Detailed Listing and Always Respond Promptly to Queries

As prospective tenants look for properties, they tend to get frustrated and move on quickly when they don’t see the information they need immediately or when the landlord doesn’t respond fast enough. If you make sure that your property listings are very detailed, you’ll be halfway there. Stay connected and respond to messages and questions quickly, and you’ll be head and shoulders above other short-term rental landlords.

Make Booking Effortless

If booking is too complicated and difficult, it’ll not only discourage tenants from continuing, but it may make them think that you’re actually running a scam. If you do your booking through CHBO, you can make it a lot easier, which will build your tenants’ confidence in you and your corporate housing property.

Have a Welcome Package Waiting for Them

When your tenants arrive, have a welcome package waiting for them that includes some complimentary snacks and bottles of water, as well as information on places to dine out and order in, upcoming events, and all of the other information they could need or want.

If you do this, you’ll really wow your tenants from the moment they walk in the door because you’ll take advantage of the relief they feel as they arrive at their destination and are finally able to kick off their shoes and relax.

Do these four things, and be sure to be easily accessible and to follow up with your tenants after they check out, and you’ll be on your way to truly delighting them every step of the way.

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  1. Odwin
    September 2, 2016

    I agree dear…..And if the tenant is happy…..automatically landlord is happy 🙂

    I didn’t liked your post…. I am loving it.

    I even did some survey at and got similar answers….

    Thanks of this wonderful share!!

  2. Kimberly Smith
    August 22, 2016

    Nothing better than a happy tenant – Thx


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