Suzette Sommer Tells Her Story About Becoming A Successful Landlord.

In 2013, Suzette Sommer had never considered converting her home into an investment. In fact, she had never even thought of the possibility that her gorgeous house might be prime Seattle corporate housing. She did know, though, that she had lost her business, and that, in caring for her dying husband, she had come within a month of foreclosure.

Then she was inspired by a friend staying in a Seattle furnished rental. Suzette’s friend was waiting for her new house to be built, and, as she visited Suzette, she saw how luxurious and comfortable Seattle corporate housing could be. Immediately, she had a brilliant idea to get herself out from under a financial burden and to turn it around into a profitable investment.

Instead of giving up and giving in to foreclosure, Suzette says she got together enough cash to avoid foreclosure and to make some upgrades and minor renovations. This way, she converted the main house to a Seattle furnished rental and created her own mother-in-law suite in her daylight basement. With all new furnishings and appliances, the house was gorgeous and ready to be rented to corporate tenants.

To attract tenants and start profiting from her beautiful home, Suzette then listed her house as a Seattle corporate housing property with us at CHBO. Her first renter contacted her within just a few days, and she was on her way!

Today, Suzette makes enough money renting out the main portion of her home as Seattle corporate housing that she can more than cover her mortgage and utilities. Thus, she’s able to live for free in her own spacious basement apartment.

CHBO vs. Other Furnished Rental Services

At first, in addition to CHBO, Suzette experimented with Airbnb and other corporate housing listing sites. She said, though, that “working with CHBO was the most profitable and convenient experience she had.”Suzette’s homeShe did not like that Airbnb would not let her screen potential renters, and listing on Zillow didn’t do her property justice, as she couldn’t differentiate her house from unfurnished rentals in the area. Because she has a Seattle furnished rental, and not an empty house, she is able to command higher rental rates from corporate tenants, and listing and advertising with CHBO has helped her do just that.

For more information on Suzette’s property, visit her listing ID: 10467, or you can find out about becoming a CHBO advertiser here CHBO Packages.

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