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Decorating Strategies That Are Guaranteed to Capture the Attention of Qualified Tenants

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Published Date: 2017-02-27
Modern living room with sofa and furniture

If you are the owner of a high-quality, upscale executive rental, you already know that your potential tenants have some fairly high standards. They need a property that is spacious, nicely designed and full of premium services and amenities. The furnished rental you have available may already be a "turnkey" property with cleaning services, gorgeous interiors, and lots of features that include WiFi throughout and a furnished terrace in the garden. Modern living room with sofa and furniture However, there are still quite a few decorating and design strategies you might use to grab the attention of additional, qualified tenants. No matter where your furnished rental is located, it is likely that there will always be competitors, and these methods are sure to help you overcome the biggest challenges. At the Curb Though you may already have made significant improvements to the exterior of the furnished rental, always consider whether there are more to be done. Can you add some landscaping? Exterior lighting? Seasonal plants and flowers? Making sure the property is always trimmed, clean and free of clutter is also going to go a long way to winning more renters. Design and Décor You might already know that one of the best ways to competitively market any furnished rental is to depersonalize it. By that, we don't mean making it an austere and unwelcoming space. What we mean is that losing the clutter and the bold colors that are your personal favorites is a good way to make the executive rental appealing to all. It allows a potential renter to project their own personality or preferences into the space, and this takes them one step closer to choosing your property over others. However, you can do even more by mapping out each room and ensuring you are using the spaces available to the best possible potential. Can rearranging a room make it look and feel larger, more comfortable, more appealing? Can you reorganize a space to make it more appealing to a business professional? For example, rather than a large living room with the TV as the focal point, would it be more appealing to create a conversation niche or small office in a corner of the room and a TV snug in another part of the space? Think of the spaces a traveling professional might need and ensure you create them when and wherever possible. Green Options Another thing to consider with any executive rental is whether it is as green as it might be. High efficiency appliances, low energy lightbulbs, innovative energy or water consumption features…these are going to appeal to any contemporary professional and really help you capture the attention of your audience.

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