What’s So Great About Travel Nursing?

What’s So Great About Travel Nursing?

You worked hard for your RN license. You’ve also got a minimum of one-year of nursing experience to go with that graduate certificate from an accredited nursing program in the U.S. or Canada, and a valid license or certification and proof of your right to work in the U.S. Maybe you’ve heard about travel nursing, and maybe not. But you’re in a good situation in your career – so why change anything?

Ask yourself a few questions to know if travel nursing is right for you:

Do You Like Being Promoted?

Nursing is a profession expected to grow 16% by 2024 according to the BLM, much faster than average. And even today, Traveling Nurses can choose from a wide array of specialties, work with lots of different kinds of people and work styles, and quickly become a trusted advisor when working in locations needing their expertise. You’ll improve your critical thinking skills, your flexibility, and adaptability to solve problems in new ways. This is the kind of experience that leads to faster professional advancement.

Do You Enjoy Competitive Pay (Or Better)?

Wherever you go as an RN traveling nurse, you are in high demand. The BLM average salary for an RN nurse in 2016 was $68,470. If you are willing to travel to locations in need, you’ll make even more because some locations pay more than others, and you can build up you skills in a specialty in a short time.

Perks such as free housing?

One of the benefits travel nurses often receive is free housing, and finding nursing housing in thousands of locations across the country is easy with CHBO. As a leader in corporate housing, CHBO connects great properties with professionals every day. See how it works, find a short-term rental via a housing request, or browse top cities today if you’d like an idea of the kind of housing often available to travel nurses.

Want to See the Country?

If travel is in your blood, travel nursing may be for you. Given the high demand and variety of locations all across the country, you’ll get to see so many places you’d never dreamed you would see, and benefit from the broadened perspective that travel gives you. Some travel nurses have even teamed up to travel together, getting placed in groups of two or three and having a buddy to see the sights.

How about work-life balance?

Travel nursing positions will change in terms of length of time, location and specialty, but you can specify your positions according to your need. If you need a break, temporary assignments offer you the flexibility to do that when you need to, or to plan for important life events in advance. In some cases you can even arrange shifts that work best for you.

Dreaming about becoming a travel nurse? Where would you like to go first? Check out CHBO for nursing housing options in your favorite locations today!





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