How Short-Term Rentals in Seattle Can Really Pay Off

Seattle corporate housing

In an inspiring story from 2013, property owners can learn just how short-term rentals in Seattle might pay off, even if you (as an owner) don’t see your home as a potential rental. It was back in 2013 that a homeowner in the Seattle area encountered upscale furnished housing for the first time. Visiting a friend staying in Seattle corporate housing, she realized that her own home could become one of those profitable short-term rentals in Seattle, too.

She realized that she had to make some investments to get the home to the same level of the Seattle corporate housing she had experienced, but it was not a substantial amount. Creating a business plan, doing a bit of market research and crunching the numbers let her see she could soon offer furnished housing comparable to that stunning location she had visited with her friend.

Furnished apartments in Seattle

She did some basic upgrades and even added a small apartment for herself in another part of the house. Listing it as corporate housing, due to its premium design and décor, enabled the woman to earn her monthly mortgage and utility payments, as well as a bit of additional income. She now lives for free right on the premises and has fully monetized her Seattle home.

Are you a homeowner in Seattle or another urban area with a lot of different industries? If so, you should take this woman’s example and explore your options for boosting income, living in your home for free and even helping those who want a home-like setting while traveling for business, pleasure, medical treatment and many other reasons.

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